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Use Held in a sentence. How to use the word Held in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Held.

Definition of Held

Examples of Held in a sentence

*** He held the post until his death in 1464.

*** The ends stayed on top of the water and the men held on to them.


*** I held on to that coffin for a whole day and a night.

*** He also held chairs of chemistry at the College de France and the Paris Faculty of Science.

*** The celebration of this day was inaugurated by the Knights of Labor, who held a parade in New York City in 1882, in 1883, and in 1884.

*** In the last year a resolution by one of the knights, George R. Lloyd, was passed, recommending that parades be held on Labor Day.


*** The capital of Japan is the only contender to have held the Olympic Games before, and the public is not exactly supporting a second race.

*** Hundreds of houseboats, which once held more than 350,000 people, lie deserted along the scenic Dal Lake.

*** I held the bars until the nausea left me, coming out through the containment iron and into the open air.

*** The plan requires that the UN administer the country until elections are held.


*** At a later date, many rich ladies held the office of musicians (shemat) in the different temples.

*** Following changes in the statutes of the university, Cayley became in 1863 the first Sadlerian professor of pure mathematics at Cambridge, a post he held until his death there on Jan. 26, 1895.

*** In July 1945 a truce was concluded, and in February 1946 it was agreed that a plebiscite be held on the question of the monarchy.

*** Absurdly I held him and weighed him in my hand, to give me courage.


*** After singing another hymn, the congregation held the open-air session for the inauguration of the memorial stones.

*** The aliens take him to his zoo, where he will be held captive in an exact duplicate of his apartment.

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