Use Heart in a Sentence, How to use “Heart” in a sentence


Use heart in a sentence. How to use the word heart in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word heart. How to use “heart” with example sentences

Use Heart in a Sentence - How to use "Heart" in a sentence


Examples of heart in a sentence

  1. *** When the heart contracts, it produces electric currents in its tissues which are just strong enough to reach the surface of the body.
  2. *** This procedure enables surgeons to operate on a relatively dry heart without dis-turbing the circulation of the blood.
  3. *** Below, a clamp is applied to the heart and an incision made through which tubes are passed to divert blood to the heart-lung machine.
  4. *** That also happens often in writings about the heart, the vast corners of the West and other strong places.
  5. *** I can not penetrate the heart of the sea, but I can enjoy the healthy breezes that sweep its breast, and I can navigate its blue waves with favorable winds.
  6. *** A 200 year old mansion in the heart of Ayrshire with a picturesque driving range and 10 local courses.
  7. *** A chair moved, my heart quickened, Conchis said a single word indistinguishably in a low voice.
  8. *** For the Japanese imperialists (also fanatics of Mahan), the Korean peninsula was a dagger in the heart of Japan; for the Chinese strategists it is a threatening “bridgehead”.
  9. *** Includes mint, which means suspicion, hydrangea which means lack of heart, and cornflowers, which represent celibacy.
  10. Knowing this truth, one should observe the vow of celibacy in thought, speech and action with all one’s heart.
  11. Here, your eyes, your heart will enjoy to the fullest with the opportunity to relax.
  12. Ireland looks like a teetotaler who has a heart attack.
  13. Dear husband, we may not be together to celebrate this season, but my soul and my heart are with you wherever you are. Let’s celebrate when I return.
  14. You’re miles away, but you’ll always stay close to my heart.

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