Use Health in a Sentence – How to use “Health” in a sentence


Use Health in a sentence. How to use the word Health in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Health. Sentence for Health.

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Definition of Health

  1. Freedom in body and mind from any disease, defect, or disorder.
  2. General condition of the body and mind

Examples of Health in a sentence

  1. I used to smoke but after some health problems, I stopped smoking.
  2. “It is very frustrating to see that there is nothing you can do to help these people,” says Alexandra Luca, health educator and ARAS worker.
  3. I am proud of my work, particularly my work as a health educator.
  4. Your general health is better and you do not suffer repeated or unwanted pregnancies routinely.
  5. There is no doubt that many elderly people and their caregivers will look to their doctors when diseases and health problems intervene.
  6. The dissemination of pirated books, pseudographs and books that caused confusion today have had a ruthless impact on the mental health of readers.
  7. A medical court confirmed four complaints made by local health authorities against William McBride, 65, for false and misleading statements.
  8. Now, Kim Jong-il’s lack of health is forcing Mr. Kim to begin a shock program to present his son as the next leader.
  9. The heads of health spent another £ 350,000 on airfare, lodging and luxury entertainment for the firm’s executives and their wives.
  10. The Surgeon General has promoted health prevention programs.
  11. B Condoms not only leans into fostering conversations about health disparities, but they work to address them by hosting events and distributing condoms in communities.


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