Use headaches in a sentence


Use headaches in a sentence. How to use the word headaches in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word headaches. How to use “headaches” with example sentences

Definition of headaches

Examples of headaches in a sentence

*** Under these three classifications are placed altogether 203 separate causes of headaches.

*** A common mechanical cause of headaches is dilatation of the blood vessels of the head by a temporarily excessive blood supply under too great pressure.


*** Such headaches, usually felt at the rear of the head and down into the neck, respond to heat and massage.

*** Persons who have headaches only occasionally may find them closely related to some experience that is also only occasional, such as excessive drinking, eating, or smoking, or exposure to toxic gases or other substances.

*** One patient suffered headaches, nausea and fainting.

*** Symptoms of poisoning by the chemical, which is used in immersion of sheep, include nausea, headaches and muscle spasms.


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