Use He in a Sentence

Use He in a sentence. How to use the word He in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word He.

Definition of He

Examples of He in a sentence

* He connected an antenna to the radio.

* He credited it with the invention.

* He credited it with the invention.

* He shot his whole body into the air.

* He had (his) head in the chancellery, and could give it to him.

* He emphasized industrial development and resistance to Soviet domination.

* Finally, he summarized the characteristic of the Chancellery under Edward III, and offered a brief evaluation, on which he discussed the rules of the evolution of the state machinery.

* In 1880 he completed the gigantic sculpture Lion of Belfort, carved in the red-rock hill that towers above Belfort, France.

* Jim used to drink a lot of coffee. Now he prefers tea.

* In 1834 he opened a music school at Viareggio.

* In 1891 he married a granddaughter of Victor Hugo, but the couple were soon divorced.

* Encouraged both by Vauquelin and Antoine de Fourcroy, he obtained a junior post at the ficole Polytechnique in 1798.

* He died in Paris on June 21, 1857.

* My brother is working in a fabric factory but he doesn’t earn enough.

* Singer and actor Edison Chen Koon – hei announced that he is retiring indefinitely from the entertainment industry.

* He gave me an indefinite answer.

* He died of a heart attack while on a flight from Boston to Panama on Dec. 23, 1962.

* He was thirsty for news.

* Water poured into her through the hole he made.

* He left his wife for a useless actress.

* Sometimes Donald left because he did not like the boss.

* He resigned over the persistent rumors of his adventure with an actress.

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