Use Has in a Sentence – How to use “Has” in a sentence


Use Has in a sentence. How to use the word Has in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Has. Sentence for Has.

Use Has in a Sentence - How to use "Has" in a sentence

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Examples of Has in a sentence

  1. This reputation has contributed to a slight decline in the breed’s popularity.
  2. The number of cases of virus pneumonia has sharply increased, at the same time that bacterial pneumonia has yielded to treatment with sulfa drugs and antibiotics.
  3. In a mild case the patient may not suspect that he has anything more severe than a slight cough and fever, which he may ascribe to a cold.
  4. If a corrosive poison has been taken, burns and stains may appear on and around the mouth and tongue.
  5. The person who has swallowed an arsenic product will have burning pains in the throat and stomach, and the odor of garlic on his breath.
  6. A person who has inhaled benzene fumes will act, at first, as though intoxicated, appearing flushed, dazed, and staggering.
  7. In case the benzene has been swallowed, the person will breathe with diificulty and have a slow pulse.
  8. If kerosene fumes have been inhaled, the person’s face is flushed or his lips blue, and he has difficulty breathing.
  9. Treatment has been unsatisfactory because the poison is so rapidly fatal.
  10. The person who has swallowed cyanide has the odor of bitter almonds on his breath, is confused, and has a headache.
  11. Famed for its fearlessness, the Irish terrier is one of the best guard dogs in the world and has a very strong sense of property.
  12. It is, however, quick to resent interference from other dogs and has acquired a deserved reputation as a fighter.
  13. Their owners usually develop an equal devotion for the dogs, and it is rare for a man who has once owned an Irish terrier, or “red devil,” to consider giving up the breed.


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