Use Has Been in a Sentence, How to use “Has Been” in a sentence


Use has been in a sentence. How to use the word has been in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word has been.

Use Has Been in a Sentence - How to use "Has Been" in a sentence

Examples of has been in a sentence

  1. A cause of action has been accumulated when the right to sue has become conferred.
  2. It has been estimated that there exist in Africa over a quarter-million myths, legends, and folktales.
  3. It has been found that the main limitations of the typical 8-bit MCU are the ALU structure based on the accumulator, the design of the clock system and the CISC architecture adopted in the MCS-51 design.
  4. The industrial flow servo valve combined with an accumulator has been used to control cylinder pressure to ensure the stability, speed and accuracy of the system.
  5. As has been pointed out, the action denoted by the present perfective (progressive), referring to some indefinite event in the past, has some connection with the present.
  6. The position now depends on whether the exclusion period that has been ordered is permanent, indefinite or fixed term.
  7. The project has been postponed for an indefinite period.
  8. The image has been borrowed for an indefinite period from the National Gallery.
  9. She has been nominated for Best Actress for her role in the movie ‘Forever Together’.
  10. Vanessa’s appearance has been her action in the trade as an actress.
  11. The objective of changing the burden of the road to the railroad has been abandoned in silence.
  12. Our boss has been let go.
  13. How do I know when my assignment has been submitted?
  14. It has been carried, futhermore, by Negroids or other African peoples, whereas Christianity has had difficulty changing its image as a “European religion” closely associated with colonialism.
  15. The two-dimensional finite element model of the plastic cartridge case has been established by multiphase flow.
  16. The following simple apparatus has been used in several schools where this principle has been adopted.
  17. The Zombieland team has been working so hard in the past few days, but ended up disappointing….

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