Use Happier in a Sentence, How to use “Happier” in a sentence


Use happier in a sentence. How to use the word happier in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word happier.

Use Happier in a Sentence - How to use "Happier" in a sentence


Examples of happier in a sentence

  1. Tell him to cherish the memory of his mother, and say that I sincerely hope his life may be happier than mine has been.
  2. As the year comes to an end and we are all ready to welcome 2019 with the hope that it will be better and happier, tell us what exactly it means.
  3. I am satisfied that that boy would be far happier, even in this world, if he would make it a principle always to do his duty, and never, in any case, to do wrong.
  4. He who has great possessions is no happier than the man who has sufficient for the day, if he do not keep his wealth till the end of life.
  5. The Israelites had used their sovereignty to give themselves a master, and might hope with confidence that by this step they had laid the foundations of a happier future which they might certainly greet with joy.
  6. He expressed his admiration of it in the most glowing terms, and said that he verily believed that an admiral of the English fleet was a happier man than the Czar of Muscovy.
  7. He took leave of them with much sorrow and many tears, trying to comfort them with the hope that they should meet again in happier times.
  8. The poorest laborer, who toils all day at the hardest labor, is happier than they.
  9. When night came, Rollo found that he always felt much happier if he had kept the Sabbath strictly, than when he attempted, either secretly or openly, to evade the duty.
  10. When all things are going on prosperously and well with you, and you can look around on all your possessions and feel that they are yours, then certainly you must be happier than I am.

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