Use Hand in a Sentence, How to use “Hand” in a sentence


Use Hand in a sentence. How to use the word Hand in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Hand. Sentence for Hand.

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Examples of hand in a sentence

  1. Manage this draft, therefore, with your own hand.
  2. Vladimir shook my hand and said a sentimental farewell.
  3. Her right hand instinctively went to her belly, out of sight of Martos’ vision.
  4. He sashayed his car with one hand on the steering wheel.
  5. He culminated the conversation by holding the back of his hand up discretely to the terminal.
  6. Mrs. Thomlinson had to do with the church, soon in the flower rotation, a willing hand to jumble sales.
  7. In our perplexity, Bohr is at hand to help us.
  8. I soon found myself with my hand up.
  9. For lame dog, hold one hand up.
  10. A firm hand pressure on the affected area may give relief.
  11. That and the willingness to lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return.
  12. I will never be a knight in armor with a sword in my hand or a kamikaze fighter.
  13. The Barcelonan makes cavalas with the numbers in hand -11 points of advantage with seven days to play- to know if he will sing the alirón for Sant Jordi or Santa Montserrat.
  14. I need someone to professionally design and layout the brochure and hand me a final copy at the end.
  15. A small drum carried in the hand such as shown often in pictures of Maenads in the train of Dionysus( invented by Cybele).
  16. University students were on hand at George Eastman House to interview visitors for their reactions, most of which were negative or dismissive.
  17. On the one hand privileged groups seized great wealth from it.
  18. “Martos, wait!” Taria reached out in a panic to try and stop him, but her hand only went through the image, grasping at nothing but air.


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