Use Growth in a Sentence, How to use “Growth” in a sentence


Use Growth in a sentence. How to use the word Growth in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Growth. Sentence for Growth.

Use Growth in a Sentence - How to use "Growth" in a sentence


Examples of growth in a sentence

  1. As soon as growth resumes, start fertilizing again.
  2. Douglass developed dendrochronology as a result of an investigation of the theory that the sun affects the weather and the weather affects tree growth.
  3. Urbanization, another prerequisite for industrial growth, destroys farmland.
  4. Experience, financial capital investment will be an impetus for the use of rapid growth.
  5. Children’s growth in height is influenced by climate, including weather and sunlight, by diet, exer-cise, and posture, and particularly by glandular action.
  6. The growth hormone, secreted by the pituitary gland, stimulates the growth mechanism of the body for the first ten or fifteen years of life.
  7. The injection of growth hormones in children whose rate of growth is such as to indicate that they will be abnormally short in stature has been helpful.
  8. During growth, spray and fertilize your plant regularly.
  9. Between these two men, so strangely flung together by destiny, there existed no link of sympathy; and propinquity only forced the growth of their mutual antagonism.
  10. During growth, fertilize until buds appear. Propagation is done by means of slips.
  11. The victualling of the Allied army in Macedonia, always difficult, had become distressingly precarious with its own growth and the growth of the enemy’s submarine activity.
  12. During growth, water it frequently and fertilize it every 15 days.
  13. Bring it out the next year and change the top layer of soil when growth resumes.
  14. It also needs a warm and moist environment to reach its full growth.
  15. In the early spring, replace the top layer of soil before growth resumes.
  16. Team is working hard behind curtains with a focus on general growth and development in the areas of technology, marketing.
  17. This dangerous habit of making satirical remarks was evinced in childhood; it was cherished; it ‘grew with her growth, and strengthened with her strength,’ until she became what I have described.

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