Grow in a sentence

Use Grow in a sentence. How to use the word Grow in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Grow. Sentence for Grow.

Examples of Grow in a sentence

*** The tree grew very tall.

*** Rice doesn’t grow in Britain.

*** Jane grew taller than her mother.

*** It is hard for any parent to accept that eventually a baby will grow up, and move away from home.

*** Children grow up so quickly.

*** Apples grow on trees.

*** Crocodiles continually grow new teeth to replace teeth that are broken or that fall out.

*** Human nails and hair do not grow after death, they are simply the last part of the body to disintegrate.

*** The stars in our sky form from gas in the universe and eventually they grow old and die.

*** Where did you grow up?

*** Some children grow up with fathers who are actively and positively involved in their lives

*** I grow my own vegetables in my garden.

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