Use Groups in a Sentence, How to use “Groups” in a sentence


Use Groups in a sentence. How to use the word Groups in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Groups. Sentence for Groups.

Groups in a Sentence


Examples of groups in a sentence

  1. These ethnic groups depend heavily on agriculture of a more intensive, skilled, and productive sort than that of the East Africa area.
  2. Migrations of small groups have also frequently reduced the exclusiveness of tribes, although in general they tend to regard migrants as outsiders or “strangers” for several generations before they become incorporated more closely into the tribe.
  3. African societies traditionally have placed greater emphasis on the individual’s heavy and lasting responsibilities to the social groups of which he is a part than on his right to associate with or dissociate from them as he wishes.
  4. Principal among the groups that limit his freedom are two kinds of kinship groups, those into which he is born (deseent groups) and those he enters through marriage (affinâl groups).
  5. In a small minority of societies, the person belongs to two separate, about equally balanced, and complementary kin groups, the one traced through his father, the other through his mother.
  6. Unilineal deseent groups do not ignore the other parent.
  7. Leadership and authority are usually in the hands of the older males, who carry the responsibility of maintaining order and good discipline, of punishing misereants, and of proteeting the rights of the members in their relations with other kinship groups.
  8. The other is the stateless system, in which a commonly accepted body of rules is enforced either by the extended families and lineages themselves or by the opposition of two power groups of relatively equal strength within the tribe.
  9. The simplest of the stateless societies, dependent for authority only on extended families, are found among such groups as the Khoisan peoples and the Pygmies.
  10. Once the dispute is settled, however, both kinship groups recognize their co-membership in another, more encompassing group, and the peaceful balance between them is once more reestablished.
  11. The movements of laborers within Africa during the 20th century have contributed to an interehange of African traditions, and emerging national all gnments in the mid-20th century have fostered an amalgamation of the music and dance traditions of tribal groups within each nation.
  12. We display your sent messages in groups of ten (10) by the date they were sent.
  13. Infant males under a year are the most frequent victims, but they occur in men in ali age groups.

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