Use Green in a Sentence & How to use “Green” in a sentence


Use Green in a sentence. How to use the word Green in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Green. Sentence for Green.

Use Green in a Sentence - How to use "Green" in a sentence


Examples of green in a sentence

  1. Rarely, they develop a dark olive green lining on the back.
  2. Zhifu sunny green, picturesque, abaxially steep Guaidan, steep cliffs, like their king, so Zhifu hill and Lord Hill called.
  3. The man focused some binoculars on the green peninsula.
  4. There is a cricket field in a green environment and a small zoo for children.
  5. The purple meadow rue (T. dasycarpum), common in New England woods, is distinguishable by its size (two to four feet tall), its large, bright green, waxy leaves, and its purplish stem; the flowers form a greenish fleecy bloom.
  6. Yellow; the prismatic color that lies between red and green in the color spectrum.
  7. It is his genius for friendship which has kept his memory green, and that is what he himself would have wished.
  8. The weakening of the alcohol caused the essential oils of the herbs to precipitate so that the liquor, at first green, became attractively opalescent, with a taste predominantly of aniseed.
  9. Copper acetate (verdigris) is green and very poisonous.
  10. There is a boy in your school, who is famous for his skill in making whistles from the green branches of the poplar.
  11. Cuprous chloride and cupric chloride, combined with oxygen and water in the air, produce hydrochloric acid, causing pale green to blue-green spots, soft and dusty on the surface of the object, corroding it and producing more copper chlorides, starting from again the reaction to produce more hydrochloric acid, and so on until the object disappears.
  12. Mrs. M. reminded her of her lesson, but she just noticed the remark by a toss of the head, and was soon in the green fields, apparently the gayest of the gay.

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