Use Government in a Sentence & How to use “Government” in a sentence


Use Government in a sentence. How to use the word Government in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Government.

Use Government in a Sentence - How to use "Government" in a sentence


Examples of Government in a sentence

  1. The government maintains the monopoly of most of the Cuban products, the cigar (phrase dictionary), so the hundreds of underground stogie factories will remain underground.
  2. The government has systematically denied the use of napalm.
  3. The Government is not doing anything to intervene in the crisis.
  4. The city of Sacramento has a council manager form of government.
  5. Our government has no right to intervene.
  6. This led the government to intervene with some rather pale legal weapons.
  7. This myth implies that the government of Denmark was responsible for the study of thimerosal and autism, which is not accurate.
  8. The report says that government officials offered constructive but vague guarantees, but were surprised by Papú’s demands for formal negotiations mediated by an international third party.
  9. Inevitably, many organizations have been created that avoided confronting the government.
  10. What government department. or departments. Should I administer it?
  11. They are concerned about the complaints that people have against the two Government Departments that administer the social security benefits.
  12. The local government finance officers found the tax very difficult to administer.
  13. It is a kind of cultural backwardness and a lack of spirit of innovation, and also the authoritarian and serious self-reform government delay.
  14. If the government no longer distinguishes between petty crime and murder, why should they do it?
  15. The Government will not allow the association of personnel to join external unions.
  16. As the following fables suggest, Ambrose Bierce was not always impressed by the caliber of the people who served in the federal government of his time.
  17. A high official in a Muslim government, especially in the Ottoman Empire.
  18. However, the reform of the tribal society of the Ottoman kingdom has military characteristics, so the system of tribes is not incorporated into the system of government of the Ottoman kingdom.

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