Use Going to in a Sentence – How to use “Going to” in a sentence


Use Going to in a sentence. How to use the word Going to in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Going to. Sentence for Going to.

Use Going to in a Sentence - How to use "Going to" in a sentence


Examples of Going to in a sentence

  1. God, she was going to do great things for this world.
  2. What are we going to do Taria?
  3. Okay, here’s what we’re going to do … short term at least.
  4. If you’re right he’s just going to betray us again.
  5. We’re going to have to figure out the rest as we go.
  6. Future generations are going to think that we were a pretty boring lot.
  7. Potato chips , soda and cookies are always going to be addictive.
  8. “We’re going to go have a cordial chat with Benize,” he said coldly.
  9. The musicians with lute and with harps one octave lower (or with lutes and harps above the sopranos and the tenors respectively) were going to guide the singers so that they would emit the melody.
  10. Before going to the asylum, I had a job working at the zoo.
  11. Nemo: Dad, you’re not going to go crazy like you did at the petting zoo, right?
  12. Children enjoy going to the zoo.
  13. Children are crazy about going to the zoo.
  14. The point is that Albuquerque has a relatively small Jewish community, and using a yarmulke or going to an Orthodox synagogue will make it much easier to find.
  15. He then shared Napoleon’s exile on the island of St. Helena for two years before going to Britain, where he wrote La campagne de 1815 (1818).
  16. Tilia Wong worked in construction management before going to business school and got used to thinking of herself as a businesswoman who knew how to keep assertive behavior under wraps.
  17. When the time comes to take a flight, we all know the drill: packing, going to the airport, checking in, passing security.


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