Use Goatskin in a Sentence – How to use “Goatskin” in a sentence


Use Goatskin in a sentence. How to use the word Goatskin in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Goatskin. Sentence for Goatskin.

use goatskin in a sentence


Examples of Goatskin in a sentence

  1. Our Goatskin rugs come in both short and long haired variety.
  2. Overland is the nation’s most trusted source of quality goatskin leather products.
  3. His benefactor also made him a goatskin doublet and a hare fur hat.
  4. The upper ribbon became our goatskin roof.
  5. Black speckles create a luxurious pattern that embellishes this lush genuine goatskin pillow.
  6. Our A-2 Goatskin Leather Bomber Jacket is genuine military issue A-2 and hand-crafted from premium goatskin leather.
  7. The animal that is offered to it can become temporarily sacred; and his skin would have magical properties: this explains his use of the aegis, the goatskin, as a battle charm; but of a Goat-Zeus, a Ram-Zeus, or a Wolf-Zeus, there is no real trace.
  8. We handpick each goatskin hide for their lavishly exotic tones and patterns.
  9. Available here in Highland green goatskin suede.
  10. Saint Paul De Vence moccasin in rock goatskin with slip-lasted construction.
  11. Goatskin is very close to sheepskin in tonal quality.
  12. Goatskin Leather Gloves are made of premium grain goatskin and feature a keystone thumb and shirred wrist.

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