Use Go in a Sentence, How to use “Go” in a sentence


Use Go in a sentence. How to use the word Go in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Go. Sentence for Go.

Go - Sentence for Go - Use Go in a Sentence


Examples of Go in a sentence

  1. He is invited to a lot of parties and he goes to every one.
  2. Lesley had agreed that Jim would go skiing in alternate years.
  3. Liz usually goes to work by bus.
  4. Unfortunately, I began to feel ill during the meal and had to go home.
  5. Don’t go out in the rain. Wait until it stops.
  6. Where are you all going?
  7. Do not go putting everything heavy and sentimental.
  8. Where are you going now?
  9. Where do you want to go?
  10. Where does this book go?
  11. Where’s Donald going to be?
  12. Where’s Donald going to go?
  13. Who told you to go home?
  14. Who wants to go hunting?
  15. Who’s going to be there?
  16. Who’s going to tell Donald?
  17. Why are you going there?
  18. Why don’t we go dancing?
  19. Why don’t we go outside?
  20. Why don’t you go to bed?
  21. Why don’t you let me go?
  22. Why don’t you let us go?
  23. You should go in person.
  24. You should not go alone.
  25. You should not go there.
  26. You’d better not go out.
  27. You’re going to be fine.
  28. You’re going to be seen.
  29. You’ve got to let me go.
  30. After that, he went home.
  31. All the guests have gone.
  32. Are you going or staying?
  33. Are you going to a movie?
  34. Aren’t you going to help?
  35. Can’t you go by yourself?
  36. Did Donald look happy to go?
  37. Did you go to the doctor?
  38. Do you often go shopping?
  39. Do you plan to go abroad?
  40. Do you want me to go now?
  41. Don’t let go of the rope.
  42. Don’t tell me to go home.
  43. Don’t you want to go out?
  44. Either come in or go out.
  45. Either go out or come in.
  46. Everything went smoothly.
  47. Everything’s going be OK.
  48. go ahead with your story.
  49. go tell Donald how you feel.
  50. go tell Donald to get ready.
  51. He goes to school by bus.
  52. He has already gone home.
  53. Hey, where are you going?
  54. How about going swimming?
  55. How did it go last night?
  56. How does he go to school?

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