Use Glorious in a Sentence, How to use “Glorious” in a sentence


Use Glorious in a sentence. How to use the word Glorious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Glorious. Sentence for Glorious.

Use Glorious in a Sentence - How to use "Glorious" in a sentence

Examples of Glorious in a sentence

  1. Glorious! Glorious! Glorious!” she laughed.
  2. It was the anniversary of our Glorious Fourth.
  3. Glorious continues the hard science fiction Bowl of Heaven series from multi-award-winning authors Gregory Benford and Larry Niven.
  4. HMS Glorious was the second of the three Courageous-class battlecruisers built for the Royal Navy during the First World War.
  5. The definition of glorious is a person or thing that is magnificent and worthy of high praise.
  6. glorious weapon glows with a dazzling light equal to a daylight spell when drawn.
  7. When something is fabulous and wonderful it can be described as glorious, like the glorious sight of the first flowers in your yard after a long, cold winter.
  8. Glorious listened to the community and put all the features we wanted on a mouse.
  9. Glorious was the first to deliver on this concept, although Cooler Master got to us first.
  10. The glorious arena can be built in the Arena space of the Menagerie in a player-owned house.
  11. Ravens rivalry is renewed, and glorious.
  12. We know the trees will soon be bare. And yet these hard days are heralded with such a glorious display!
  13. TMA stained glass exhibit melds humor, detail and glorious color.
  14. On his latest podcast, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson said he believes death is even more glorious than life.
  15. When the veil is removed, we see our beautiful Savior face-to-face and His glorious grace transforms us from glory to glory.
  16. I have glorious right now and can get triumph, but I’m not sure what looks better.
  17. Glorious gala’s cancellation tops week’s 5 hottest Dallas headlines.
  18. That is why there is a question mark about the hoped-for glorious morning in the title of this book.

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