Use Global in a Sentence, How to use “Global” in a sentence


Use Global in a sentence. How to use the word Global in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Global. Sentence for Global.

What gases make greenhouse effect and where do they come from?


Examples of Global in a sentence

  1. The increasing use of fossil fuels is a major cause of global warming.
  2. In 2020 alone, the global gaming industry generated approximately $54 billion USD in in-game content.
  3. On burning they emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that are adding to the problem of global warming.
  4. Another potential effect of global warming to norther ecosystems is the melting of permafrost.
  5. The statuette received by a Global Energy Prize is made of gold and silver.
  6. Because of global economic restructuring and global city formation, the mobility of female labours is becoming increased.
  7. This is a typical multi-dimensional global parameter optimization problem.
  8. After the receipt of the RFI, formal requests for proposals will be sent to global vendors in three months, said a senior Indian Defence Ministry official.
  9. The acquisition process has already been initiated by the IAF with the release of a global Request For Information (RFI) in this regard.
  10. The US government has tried to build global trade regulations in favor of the US to try to maintain its standing as the largest economy.
  11. To keep track of changing international trade regulations and safety standards, we provide expert consultancy services and up-to-date news to our clients in penetrating the global markets faster.
  12. Five-year, $350 million Global Tiger Recovery Program to better manage tiger habitats, step up enforcement along smuggling routes, and increase penalties and conviction rates for poachers.
  13. Scientists from Russia and the UK are also positing global cooling based on Solar Cycle 24.My first port of call in town was the bank.
  14. Finally, a narrative has emerged positing Russia as a global champion of conservative, Christian values.
  15. Greenspon chaired The GPS Project, an initiative of the Toronto-based Canadian International Council aimed at producing a new global positioning strategy for Canada.

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