Use Gives in a Sentence, How to use “Gives” in a sentence


Use Gives in a sentence. How to use the word Gives in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Gives.

Use Gives in a Sentence - How to use "Gives" in a sentence


Examples of Gives in a sentence

  1. It gives you a unique identity and maintains your anonymity.
  2. Although his work is boring and monotonous, he likes the sense of predictability and security it gives him.
  3. What he gives up in personal freedom of movement is more than compensated by the security he gains from coordinating his affairs with those of others.
  4. A gardenia gives a pleasant aroma, but hundreds of gardenias can, for some, provoke a touch of nausea.
  5. Table 8.1 gives an idea of the relative importance of these different sources of income in alternate years of the 1979-87 period.
  6. Just do not become sentimental about your hospitality, just thinking about it gives me indigestion.
  7. The elimination of F from the last two equations gives the acceleration.
  8. This ball is feeling a pull on the string and that gives it the centripetal acceleration.
  9. The last one gives a summary of the complete document.
  10. A young tiger cub gives a hug to his mother. The puppy is one of four Malaysian tigers born this year at the Cincinnati Zoo.
  11. We can see the clues that show that religious music gives psychological impetus to believers in the psychology of analysis.
  12. This feeling, I am sure, gives much impetus to the police.
  13. Government policy does not believe that transportation planning gives impetus to road transport!
  14. The end of the Wall gives a powerful impulse to the new security thought, which the West would be foolish to ignore.
  15. Investigating the area that will be covered in advance gives a new impulse to fly.
  16. Usually a bearded old man in a leather suit who appears in Yuletide and gives gifts.
  17. However, ultimately, science arises from the human impulse to truth, and dogmatism eventually gives in to this impetus.
  18. Its coat is short, hard, dense, and fine, and gives a sleek, glossy appearance.

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