Use Given in a Sentence, How to use “Given” in a sentence


Use Given in a sentence. How to use the word Given in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Given. Sentence for Given.

Use Given in a Sentence - How to use "Given" in a sentence

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Examples of Given in a sentence

  1. After the stomach is thoroughly cleaned out, an antidote may be given.
  2. A heaping tablespoon of Epsom salts also can be given.
  3. Then the universal antidote is given.
  4. Since respiratory failure is a dangerous possibility, artificial respiration may have to be given.
  5. Afterward strong coffee or tea is given, and then Epsom salts in water or castor oil.
  6. Strong coffee or tea is given and artificial respiration if necessary.
  7. He should immediately receive fresh air and be given artificial respiration if necessary.
  8. Vomiting is not to be induced, but strong coffee or tea given.
  9. Infants have been seriously poisoned by mistakenly being given boric acid solutions instead of water, although boric acid in ordinary quantities is not a dangerous poison.
  10. Vomiting should be induced, coffee given as a stimulant, and large amounts of alkaline drinks to protect the kidneys.
  11. Strong coffee or tea should be given and artificial respiration if necessary.
  12. He should be removed from the area of the fumes into fresh air, and artificial respiration given if necessary.
  13. Vomiting should be induced and strong coffee given as a stimulant.
  14. Burnt toast is given and the victim kept in a quiet dark room.
  15. Vomiting should be induced and strong coffee or tea given.
  16. And this rings an alarm to the ears of our fellows in the press and media given its implication to their field.
  17. Abbot has confirmed that this new great benefit has the potential to increase, given you stay with the company for many years.
  18. The J.Rod, a moniker for the couple given to them by their fans, announced the engagement in explosive Instagram photos of the stunning ring as well as Rodriguez kneeling down during the proposal.


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