Use Girl in a Sentence, How to use “Girl” in a sentence


Use Girl in a sentence. How to use the word Girl in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Girl. Sentence for Girl.

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Examples of Girl in a sentence

  1. He patted the girl like a true Broadway actress.
  2. Of course it is not always a girl but be careful.
  3. He performed an abortion on a fifteen-year-old girl.
  4. The girl believes that vegetables are healthier, so she rarely eats meat.
  5. He felt unable to look at the beautiful and healthy face of the girl.
  6. The girl started crying when she saw the snake.
  7. The girl paled with fear when she saw the snake.
  8. Mrs. M no longer had time to dedicate anything to the girl who sought education for herself.
  9. The little girl screamed and surprised us.
  10. I was a little surprised by the size of the girl.
  11. The girl was embarrassed by the laughter of her classmates.
  12. The girl was [embarrassed]to see the room full of strangers.
  13. The girl was embarrassed by the laughter of her classmates.
  14. Rohmer was surprisingly strong, but the impetus of Cardiff’s lunge drove him away from the girl.
  15. So when news came out about the “Gone Girl” actor being the chosen one, fans immediately thought that he’ll have an older and bulkier look.
  16. The piece is entitled “Lilith and Olaf” and depicts a girl huddled with painted toenails that throws a small king from her hand.
  17. When I was a full-time career girl with no children, I expected the month of January more than any other.
  18. “Would _that_ be about right?” asks the girl, showing a distance.
  19. For example, suppose the picture thus exhibited were to represent a girl sewing in an attic.
  20. Both were written by pupils of the same age, twelve; one a boy, the other a girl.
  21. The plaintiff looked a little perplexed, as if she could not understand how it could be otherwise than wrong for a girl to usurp her seat.


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