Genus in a sentence

How to use the word Genus in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Genus.

Examples of Genus in a sentence

1 – This genus of plants differs in many species.

2 – First, the existence of acetyl flavonoid glycosides of the genus Syzygium was reported.

3 – The genus contains about 75 species, scattered about the north temperate zone, of which the United States and Canada possess about 15 species.

4 – Economically, the genus is important only as an omamental plant. Acanthus contains about 20 species.


5 – Merganser, a diving duck of the genus Mergus.

6 – Achimenes consist of 40 species in the genus Achimenes, of the Gesneriaceae family.

7 – In its broad sense this genus consists of seven species, three of which inhabit North America.

8 – DAY LILY, any plant of the genus Hemerocallis of the lily family Liliaceae.


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