Use Generally in a Sentence, How to use “Generally” in a sentence


Use Generally in a sentence. How to use the word Generally in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Generally. Sentence for Generally.

Use Generally in a Sentence - How to use "Generally" in a sentence


Examples of generally in a sentence

  1. Arabs are generally accredited with the discovery of distillation.
  2. These propositions are generally read aloud.
  3. Generally used by cults and societies, they were of ten associated with social controls.
  4. Chromatic Aberration: generally associated with refractive telescope objectives, it is the failure of a lens to bring light of different wavelengths (colors) to a common approach.
  5. She stated that the real crime is that thieves and assailants generally receive a light sentence.
  6. The “cats” earned from $ 1 to $ 3 per day and all the “viscera” they could eat, which was generally a considerable amount.
  7. For mainly sentimental reasons I have generally voted Liberal.
  8. Struma ovarii is generally indistinguishable from other solid ovarian neoplasms, based solely on the appearance of CT.
  9. “Silent film” is a misnomer since the films generally had a musical accompaniment.
  10. Glossolalia is the generally unintelligible speech produced by some schizophrenics or individuals in a state of religious excitement similar to a trance.
  11. The gonadal arteries are generally of relatively small caliber.
  12. The best way to impart the flavors was through chocolate and white chocolate is generally used with Pocky.
  13. ‘Information technology’ is generally abbreviated as ‘IT’.
  14. Why take off on that narrow and difficult road, when wide boulevards were generally more attractive to a congregation?
  15. It is not, however, as is generally supposed, the confinement.
  16. Among such there would generally be some who would refuse to have any thing to do with the measure simply from a desire to thwart and impede the plans of the teacher.
  17. If the class meetings are mere recitations, they soon become dull and mechanical; the pupils generally take little interest in their studies, and imbibe no literary spirit.
  18. This is a point which seems to be very generally overlooked.
  19. In giving instruction on moral duty, the subject should generally be taken up in reference to imaginary cases, or cases which are unknown to most of the scholars.

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