Use General in a Sentence, How to use “General” in a sentence


Use General in a sentence. How to use the word General in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word General.

Use General in a Sentence - How to use "General" in a sentence


Examples of General in a sentence

  1. Gaspard Gourgaud; (1783-1852), French general, who is best known for his writings about Napoleon.
  2. Gourgaud reentered the French Army in 1830 and was made a lieutenant general and a peer of France by King Louis Philippe.
  3. He created the character Betty Crocker for General Mills and was instrumental in projecting a favorable public image of the United States Steel Corporation.
  4. As a general and counselor to Waldemar I and to his son and successor Canute (Knud) VI, he worked for the stabilization of the realm, then ravaged by Wendish pirates from Pomerania and Rugen.
  5. Anne Jean Marie René Savary; ( 1774-1833 ), French general.
  6. In 1798 he served as aide-de-camp to General Desaix on the French expedition to Egypt.
  7. Nightingales, warblers and male larks are operísticas brown and, in general, almost indistinguishable from their females.
  8. It is inadequate and misleading to rely on general impressions in such churches.
  9. A new general offense is provided to give a misleading price indication in s20.
  10. The conditions of war added to the general impetus for change, but at the same time they also inhibited the change.
  11. The speech of the Surgeon General will give new impetus to the anti-smoking campaign.
  12. The Buick Motor Division of the General Motors Corporation is in transition, as is the rest of the venerable automotive company.
  13. Once the contest ends, all the lists will be included in the general set of lists for publication at a later date.
  14. Though short and lame, he was a brilliant, popular general, and several times defeated anti-Spartan coalitions led by Thebes, notably at Coronea in 394.
  15. Treasury attorneys, led by attorney general Edward Knight, are reviewing the options.
  16. He was born in Hopewell, N. J. After running a general store in St. Louis, Mo., for five years, he became a partner of John Jacob Astor in the Pacific Fur Company in 1810.

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