Use Garnished in a Sentence, How to use “Garnished” in a sentence


Use Garnished in a sentence. How to use the word Garnished in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Garnished. Sentence for Garnished.

Use Garnished in a Sentence - How to use "Garnished" in a sentence


Examples of Garnished in a sentence

  1. They have even garnished him with 39 cents that were returned to him in an income tax return.
  2. Swept and garnished to an alarming degree the young Wall Paper Man presided over the gravy and did his uttermost, innocent country-best to make the Senior Surgeon feel perfectly at home.
  3. Rhoda Hanlan and Ruth MacLaurin were close behind her, much more prosaically garnished in golf capes and brown-colored mufflers.
  4. It was the pictorial supplement of a week-old Sunday paper and from its front page loomed an almost life-sized portrait of Daphne extravagantly bordered and garnished with what some cheap cartoonist considered a facetious portrayal of Daphne’s recent tragedy.
  5. As the room of the Hostel, in the good old fighting times, would be hung round at night with the armour of wayworn warriors, such as coats of mail, falchions, and yawning helmets; so the traveller’s room is garnished with the harnessing of their successors; with box-coats, whips of all kinds, spurs, gaiters, and oilcloth-covered hats.
  6. The biggest issue this week seems to be that the system, which overpaid and underpaid unemployed workers during the pandemic is now also not noting properly the individuals who paid back those overpayments- prompting them to have their wages garnished.


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