Use Game in a Sentence, How to use “Game” in a sentence


Use Game in a sentence. How to use the word Game in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Game. Sentence for Game.

Use Game in a Sentence - How to use "Game" in a sentence


Examples of Game in a sentence

  1. The game was boring for the spectators.
  2. A good accompaniment for roast beef, Hungarian goulash, roasted game or noodles with plenty of chopped sauce.
  3. In a very original twist, the game allows you to determine the moral caliber of the hero.
  4. The game teaches children to count and do simple addition and subtraction.
  5. Mines of Dalarnia is an action adventure game with procedurally generated levels.
  6. MoD is a game that is truly owned by users — all the assets in the game are represented as non-fungible tokens and can be exported and traded on open markets.
  7. The in-game transactions are all recorded on the blockchain to ensure that there is no centralized party that could tamper the game results.
  8. The game came a few hours before Clinton triumphantly addressed convention delegates, who nominated him unanimously for re-election on Wednesday night.
  9. Yoho is a game sanctuary and abounds in wildlife, including moose, elk, deer, grizzly and black bear, cougar, lynx, and many small animals; the region’s plants include over 500 species.
  10. Stanford used some physical games inside and the owner’s game Brevin Knight to take the initiative from the start.
  11. Mergansers are often shot in the erroneous belief they destroy too many game or food fishes, but experts are now generally agreed their role is a beneficial one in reducing crowded fish populations and permitting the more rapid growth of survivors to “legal size.”
  12. Leveraging blockchain technology, assets in the game are issued as non-fungible tokens and can be transferred and traded freely in the in-game marketplace.
  13. Players will need to collect essential minerals as well as experience points in order to upgrade their level in the game.

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