Use Gain in a Sentence

How to use the word Gain in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Gain.

Definition of Gain

1. To obtain, earn, or win

2. To increase in.

3. An increase, as in size or amount.

4. Profit or winnings.

5. To profit or advance.

6. An advantage or lead.

Examples of Gain in a sentence

1. This year our company started to gain a lot.

2. Gain respect in these exasperating eyes but somehow convincing to man?

3. After the test and the test, the intelligence and the effect of the system gain great praise unanimously.

4. Experts say that the development of tourism will give a boost to the rapid development of related industries and that aviation tourism will gain momentum for good development.

5. If false imprisonment is motivated by an intent to deprive the person of liberty, possessions, or profits, or to subject him to public shame or ridicule, or to gain personal profit, their action usually constitutes a crime, as well as a tort.

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