Use Fuses in a Sentence, How to use “Fuses” in a sentence


Use Fuses in a sentence. How to use the word Fuses in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Fuses.

Use Fuses in a Sentence - How to use "Fuses" in a sentence


Examples of Fuses in a sentence

  1. The other male gamete fuses with the secondary nucleus, forming the primary nucleus of the endosperm.
  2. And that includes the part of our human condition that fuses language and reality and strips our minds of deception.
  3. *** Lead fuses at fairly low temperature.
  4. *** His music fuses elements as diverse as Cajun, Bebop and Cuban waltzes.
  5. *** The author cleverly fuses these fragments into a cohesive whole.
  6. *** He cleverly fuses these fragments into a cohesive whole.
  7. *** Fuses break if overloaded.
  8. *** Leonard takes the dirty realism of Carver and fuses it with the rhythm of a detective story.
  9. *** Charles ignited the fuses and ran to cover himself.
  10. *** The sperm fuses with the ovum to begin the fertilization process.
  11. *** Lead fuses at a fairly low temperature.
  12. *** It seems very likely that defective fuses have caused the delay.
  13. *** But the fuses also had disadvantages.
  14. *** Today’s girls have short fuses.
  15. *** We have some short fuses, right?
  16. *** Boro fans have so few fuses because they are genuinely concerned, despite the arrival of Venables so publicized.
  17. *** But nobody fuses a lot with the daily expenses in taxes on sales and gasoline, although they add large sums of money annually.
  18. *** Maintains and fuses the national spirit and the quintessence in the national aesthetic consciousness and the design of the tradition.
  19. *** The fuses are selected to allow the passage of normal current and excessive current only for short periods.
  20. *** The selection of fuses must be carried out in accordance with their conditions of use, mainly system voltage, rated current, short-circuit capacity, suitability of protection, etc.
  21. *** Deep sweep, the genius fuses the aging of the fever, making the skin delicate and shiny.
  22. *** Swordplay, which fuses entertainment, leisure and body building, is appreciated by the white-collar workers’ office.
  23. *** Investigators say they found gasoline, fuses, a black raincoat and machete in their house.

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