Use Furiously in a Sentence, How to use “Furiously” in a sentence


Use Furiously in a sentence. How to use the word Furiously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Furiously. Sentence for Furiously.

Use Furiously in a Sentence - How to use "Furiously" in a sentence

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Examples of Furiously in a sentence

  1. He rubbed furiously at the Mark, but to no avail.
  2. He attacked them furiously.
  3. It burned fiercely and furiously wherever it fell.
  4. Some were driving furiously in chariots around great circles marked out for the course.
  5. The animal took the bits between his teeth and galloped furiously back to the camp of Saladin, carrying his rider with him, a helpless prisoner.
  6. They soon put themselves in motion, and began murdering, plundering, and destroying more furiously than ever.
  7. Then, with his military cloak wrapped about his head, and standing upon a spear that had been previously laid down upon the ground, he repeated in the proper form words by which he devoted himself and the army of the enemy to the God of Death, and then finally mounted upon his horse and drove furiously in among the thickest of the enemy.
  8. Ptolemy attacked the Spartans and fought them with great bravery, until at length, in the heat of the contest, a celebrated Cretan, of remarkable strength and activity, riding furiously up to Ptolemy, felled him to the ground, and killed him at a single blow.
  9. In a rout like this, the conquering army, maddened by rage and by all the other dreadful excitements of the contest, press on furiously upon their flying and falling foes, and destroy them with their bayonets in immense numbers before the officers can arrest them.
  10. In about a year after this the parties to this grand pacification were fighting each other more fiercely and furiously than ever.
  11. He was riding furiously in the tournament in the midst of a great number of other horsemen, when he was unfortunately thrown from his steed, and trodden to death on the ground by the hoofs of the other horses that galloped over him.

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