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Use From in a sentence. How to use the word From in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word From.

Definition of From

Examples of From in a sentence

* Three boats rowed away from the ship.

* Who heard strange noises coming from inside the ship?

* From their interaction all things come into existence.

* Giant Potholes were eroded from limestone by a stream’s rushing waters in Maligne Canyon, Alberta.

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* Points of interest near the city are the Undersea Gardens, viewed from glass-bottomed boats, and Bird Park, an ornithological zoo.

* Abdalwadid, was a dynasty of Berber rulers in western Algeria from 1236 to 1550.

* Safety is the condition of being free from the danger of harm.

* Des Moines river, the longest river in Iowa, flowing about 500 miles from northwest to southeast across the state.

* The Raccoon River cuts across the city from the left. Its confluence with the larger river is shown at top center.

* This article outlines the development and growth of the Russian Orthodox Church from the time of the earliest conversions to Christianity in the 9th century up to the present day.

* Sweden looks even more charming from the air.

* Safavids, a dynasty that ruled Iran from 1501 to 1736. An alternate spelling of the name is Safawids.

* Silk weaving is a traditional industry of the city, and oil extraction from oil shales is a new industry developed in the 1950’s.

* Professional tobacco/cigarettes relevant items manufacturer from China.

* They derive their efficacy from the prayer and blessing of the church.

* She missed her husband a lot. She isn’t used to being away from him.

* A life-buoy made from a coffin!

* The Professor took the old pictures from his desk.

* A cold wind was blowing down from the mountains in the north.

* Alex was different from the other villagers.

* The wind is coming from the north.

* Alex spoke to travellers who came from the mountains.

*** From 1921 to 1934 she headed the United States Children’s Bureau and administered a program to improve the health of mothers and infants, fighting unsuccessfully for a constitutional amendment against child labor.

*** He was president of Antioch College, 1920-1936, and was the recipient of numerous honorary degrees from other colleges and universities.

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