Use From in a Sentence and How to use “From” in a sentence


Use From in a sentence. How to use the word From in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word From. Sentence for From.

Use From in a Sentence - How to use "From" in a sentence


Definition of From

From is a preposition that is used to indicate the source, origin, or starting point of something. It can also be used to indicate the person or entity responsible for something, or the cause of an action or event. It can also be used to indicate the time when something starts. Examples: “The letter came from my friend,” “The package is from Amazon,” “The concert starts from 7 PM,” “The noise is coming from the kitchen.

Examples of From in a sentence

  1. She learned how to cook from her mother.
  2. The company is from Japan.
  3. He graduated from college in 2020.
  4. The flowers are from my garden.
  5. I’m from the United States.
  6. The story is from a book I read.
  7. The money is from my savings.
  8. The idea came from a dream.
  9. The painting is from the 19th century.
  10. The food is from India.
  11. I received the gift from my sister.
  12. The song is from the 80s.
  13. The inspiration for the project came from a conversation with a colleague.
  14. The recipe is from a French cookbook.
  15. The information is from a reliable source.
  16. The presentation is from a famous keynote speaker.
  17. The decision was made from the board of directors.
  18. The quote is from a famous philosopher.
  19. The research is from a recent study.
  20. The error is from a mistake in the calculations.
  21. The design is from a famous architect.
  22. The fashion is from the latest collection.
  23. The invitation is from the President of the company.
  24. The inspiration for the novel is from real-life events.
  25. The success is from hard work and determination.
  26. The knowledge is from years of studying and practice.


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