Use Freedom in a Sentence, How to use “Freedom” in a sentence


Use Freedom in a sentence. How to use the word Freedom in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Freedom. Sentence for Freedom.

Use Freedom in a Sentence - How to use "Freedom" in a sentence

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Examples of freedom in a sentence

  1. William recognized the feeling of Saturday morning in the lightness of the atmosphere, the atmosphere of freedom.
  2. Dubbed as the Freedom 2 Save program, the new benefit works by contributing to employees’ retirement plan so that they can focus on paying off their student loans.
  3. The pasha’s overseer, Osmin (bass), nearly foils the efforts of the rescuers, but at the last moment the good-hearted Selim grants the two pairs of lovers their freedom.
  4. The movement has also depicted a more involved society where the search and understanding for the truth has become of utmost importance; press freedom and its fight is not yet over.
  5. Black eyes beautifully transcribe that adolescent duality, between the tedium of solitude and the freedom of the open field, so typical of those summer villages, which are being lost.
  6. This leads us to how press freedom does not exhibit ‘freedom’ that much anymore, at least in it’s truest form, as seen in the past years.
  7. What’s perceived as an even greater side to it is the preservation of press freedom as these independent press companies are loaded with the determination to bring to the table, news that large-scale companies usually don’t do.
  8. It also goes to show that the people are willing to go against press freedom oppressors in the light of defending the truth.
  9. From mere consumers, readers have decided to become more than just recipients of the information and level it up to being proactive agents of press freedom by defending independent companies in their mission to provide just and fair information.
  10. This was the more distinct, because I have always accustomed my pupils to answer questions asked, and to express their wishes and feelings on any subject I may present to them with great freedom.


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