Use Found in a Sentence, How to use “Found” in a sentence


Use Found in a sentence. How to use the word Found in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Found. Sentence for Found.

Use Found in a Sentence - How to use "Found" in a sentence


Examples of found in a sentence

  1. Any unwanted guest was soon found tied to one of the lower floors.
  2. Fox had found a bullet in the ground and a box of cartridges to go with her.
  3. I found myself looking down the barrel of a gun.
  4. Robinson found the car and bought it for sentimental reasons.
  5. He tasted the cheapest wine and found it indistinguishable from a superior one.
  6. It is also found in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Thailand, the Indochina Peninsula, the Philippines and Japan.
  7. The difference is found by subtraction.
  8. Other veterans of Lisa and Xerox found their way to the team.
  9. In 1264-1265, at the height of the Barons’ War against Henry III, she found refuge in France.
  10. Consequently, when the body cannot be found, the coroner may not proceed with the inquest.
  11. Many Bostonians objected to inoculation, however, and both Boylston and Mather found themselves embroiled in a bitter controversy with the clergy and physicians.
  12. ACANTHUS, is a group of thomy perennial herbs or small shrubs, found in the Mediterranean area and in Asia and Africa.
  13. Some of the common species are A. longiflora, which is native to Guatemala and has violet-blue flowers; A. grandiflora, which is found in Mexico and has bright red-purple flowers; and A. magnifica, which is found in Colombia and has dark scarlet-red flowers marked with dark purple.
  14. Adriaen Brouwer; (c. 1606-1638), Flemish genre painter, who helped found the “low life” school of Dutch painting.
  15. Usually the cause can be found, but in about 2 per cent of the cases blood in the urine is of undetermined origin.
  16. Later, using carbon-14-labeled sugars, glycerol, and pyruvate, he found that the livers of diabetic rats use less glucose than normal livers while producing more glucose.

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