Use Foreign in a Sentence, How to use “Foreign” in a sentence


Use Foreign in a sentence. How to use the word Foreign in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Foreign. Sentence for Foreign.

Use Foreign in a Sentence - How to use "Foreign" in a sentence

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Examples of foreign in a sentence

  1. From 1932 to 1938, Saavedra Lamas served as Argentina’s foreign minister.
  2. He became home secretary in the first Labour government of 1924 and was foreign secretary from 1929 to 1931.
  3. There is a shortage of well-qualified foreign language teachers, especially French and Japanese.
  4. He decorated Dresden, which under his command became the musical center of Germany; Welcoming foreign musicians and others, he gathered around him a great and splendid court, and his capital was the constant scene of musical and other festivals.
  5. It favors yajnas (fire rituals), equal rights for all, foreign travel, and proselytism.
  6. Yokkaichi was made a city in 1897 and in 1899 was designated a treaty port for foreign trade, serving in part industrial Nagoya, a function it lost with the improvement of Nagoya Harbor.
  7. Ephors carried out negotiations in foreign affairs and called up and sent out armies, two ephors accompanying a king on a foreign campaign.
  8. He became minister of foreign relations in 1901-1902; and a year later was elected vice president of Ecuador.
  9. In 55 a. C., Marco Tulio Cicero commented that payments to foreign governments should be reduced if the nation does not want to fail.
  10. Their son, Sean MacBride, became lrish foreign minister.
  11. No vigilant watch which it is possible for any teacher to exert will prevent a vast amount of mere talk entirely foreign to the business of the school.
  12. It was almost universally the practice to whisper more or less about subjects entirely foreign to the business of the school.
  13. They armed themselves with clubs, firebrands, scythes, and such other rustic weapons as came to hand, and rushed forth, resolved to punish the overbearing insolence of their foreign visitors, in the most summary manner.


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