Use Forced in a Sentence, How to use “Forced” in a sentence


Use forced in a sentence. Sentence for forced. How to use the word forced in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word forced. How to use “forced” with example sentences.

Use Forced in a Sentence - How to use "Forced" in a sentence

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Examples of forced in a sentence

  1. Cáceres was forced into exile but returned in 1903.
  2. The troops forced the villagers to flee to the surrounding hills.
  3. The high acceleration forced the muscles of his neck.
  4. The advance of the tradition of the gifts of the child Jesus forced St. Nicholas to hand over his gifts on the 25th.
  5. Early illness forced him to spend his life at Roscoff, on the Breton coast, except for a trip to Palestine and Italy and a few years in Paris, where he led an exhausting life among bohemians.
  6. Before the beverage bottle is sealed, large amounts of air and carbon dioxide are forced into the solution by high pressure at a low temperature.
  7. He left medical school in Câdiz to go to Madrid to write plays but was forced by poverty to spend a term in the army.
  8. In 1614, Archbishop George Gladstanes forced his acceptance as pastor by the parish of Leuchars.
  9. This has led to a sharp drop in general membership, less overall activity within the industry, and has forced many to retire, leave the industry prematurely or consider consolidation.
  10. The expulsion forced the Hellmann to retreat and to endure the ravages of Palestino, who was looking for a feat.
  11. During her interviews, she mentions that due to punishing schedules and locales, she is forced to fly private.
  12. Braxton was forced to file for bankruptcy protection twice, after listing her debts of $50 million to AT&T, Tiffany and Four Seasons.
  13. He spent much of his life living under the communist government in East Germany, where he trained as a pianist, organist, cellist and percussionist until he was 16 years old, when a damaged tendon forced him to focus on driving.

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