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Definition of For

Examples of For in a sentence

*** You may not know me me and you may be definitely wanting to know for what reason you are reading this e-mail, proper?

*** His eyes clung to her like thirsty leeches, waiting for any movement, the trained revolver on his back.


*** At the same time, developing nations are increasingly thirsting for energy as their industries grow.

*** The team is thirsty for success.

*** The trial was suspended for an indefinite period.

*** She said she would accept $ 15 for that.


*** He realized that it was inappropriate for a police officer to accept gifts.

*** I asked my boss for a vacation.

*** The actress is inclined to win an Oscar for her performance.

*** We want you to accept this gift in payment for your kindness.


*** It had required a great deal of persuasion for him to accept.

*** You must accept the penalty for your reckless behavior.

*** Recreational lifestyle sports: Skillful application of creative thinking and struggle for ease, simplicity and interest.

*** With a fixed exchange rate, it is likely that a surplus of foreign currency flow will persist for some time.


*** The modified PP mix for the accumulator was developed by extrusion mixing, with PP homopolymer as the base material, copolymer of PP, HDPE and SBS as modifiers.

*** A stem cell is a cell that can be divided for indefinite periods in culture and is at least “multipotent”; it can lead to specialized cells.

*** The indefinite integral concept increases for the derivation of the solution and the differential inverse operation.

*** An indefinite name for a light petroleum distillate that covers a wide range of gravities and boiling points.


*** For its part, the government has shelved its claims of entrenched veto rights for minorities and of sharing power indefinitely with whites.

*** The audience gathered in the hallway, screaming for the appearance of their favorite actress.

*** We would like you to accept this photo in payment for your kindness.

*** The company can not accept responsibility for loss or damage.


*** Amanda’s pain for her father was aggravated by anxiety about her ontological state.

*** The sound of the waves hitting the sand created a relaxing environment for my much-needed siesta.

*** people must understand how thirsty they are for revenge.

*** The thirsty yearned for water.


*** The team is a serious candidate for the title this year.

*** Your new album has to be a strong candidate for the Album of the Year award.

*** Donald is a candidate for a gold medal at the Olympics.

*** Now 45 years old, he is no longer considered a serious candidate for the title.


*** For him, this is a campaign of not losing: he will become a vice president-elect or a much stronger presidential candidate for the next elections.

*** During the last week, Johnson, a native of West Salem, Wisconsin, became the leading candidate for the position.

*** David Roberts, director of commercial standards for the Shropshire County Council, is another contender.

*** Now he was a serious candidate for the gold medal.


*** Question of the day: Will Houston now have a new open stadium for business before it has a real contender?

*** With an incredible soundtrack of exclusive mixes and some exuberant graphics of nightclubs, DJ Hero is the new contender for the best party game.

*** He has recently become a strong contender for the gold medal.

*** Another contender for the position is a former conservative police chief, Donald Damon.


*** He was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2018.

*** A contender for a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

*** Graham has now sent over 140 routes of 5.14a or more difficult, including the Coup de Grace’s first ascent (5.15a), a new contender for the toughest in the world.

*** It was a difficult loss for the Bulls, who seemed willing to defeat another contender.


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