Use Followed in a Sentence & How to use “Followed” in a sentence


Use followed in a sentence. How to use the word followed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word followed.

Use Followed in a Sentence - How to use "Followed" in a sentence


Examples of followed in a sentence

  1. The scientists conducted two aerial surveys followed by two ground surveys.
  2. Creation is followed by an indefinite future within historical time.
  3. The prohibitions on his writings and imprisonment followed, despite the declarations of independence, but with a difference.
  4. This case highlights the importance of early and accurate diagnosis of emphysematous prostatic abscess followed by appropriate treatment.
  5. Benjamin followed him, studying the spiral wicks, the jars of oil and the small barrels of gunpowder piled there.
  6. Some Brahmins, dressed in all the sumptuous oriental clothing, and guiding a woman who faltered at every step, followed them.
  7. Migraine is also followed by nausea and vomiting rather as sin is followed by remorse.
  8. Meanwhile, far from the places frequented by astronomers, artisans and watchmakers followed an alternative path towards a solution of length.
  9. A burst of literary and artistic activity followed the Revolution; and the house of van Hasselt became a center for poets, artists and musicians of the romantic school.
  10. The return of Gotama became an ovation; the musicians preceded and followed his chariot, while the cries of joy and triumph fell on his ear.
  11. Smiling to herself, she heard the muted hiss that followed Mrs. B. tried to impart her news.
  12. The lightning flashed, a huge zigzag pierced the sky, followed by a deep rumble of thunder.
  13. Stock prices followed the defeat in bonds in the morning only to zigzag to highs in the afternoon.
  14. Writing about the year that followed the fatal heart attack of John Gregory Dunne, her husband for almost 40 years, Mrs. Didion used her experience to reflect on the fundamental absurdity of death.
  15. Many changes followed, either by decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, or by direct papal intervention.
  16. The more difficulty you may find in gaining the eminence, the less likely will you be to be followed by successful competitors.
  17. Such is human nature, that in nine cases out of ten, unless such a result had been particularly guarded against, it would have inevitably followed.
  18. And everywhere that the Turkish soldiers went, disorganization and inefficiency followed them.
  19. Beechnut and Stuyvesant followed them.
  20. But King Constantine comforted himself with the thought that the “pledges of friendship” exacted from him by the Allies would be followed by corresponding pledges from them.

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