Use Find in a Sentence – How to use “Find” in a sentence


Use Find in a sentence. How to use the word Find in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Find. Sentence for Find.

Use Finds in a Sentence


Examples of Find in a sentence

  1. Local business owners scrambled to find workers.
  2. But can find no other reason for this penalty.
  3. He dashes out to find Odette and beg forgiveness.
  4. By collective activity they find friendship and warmth.
  5. Find more local businesses offering refinance backwards home loan car financing loans.
  6. I find myself very fortunate that I know your husband….
  7. There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face.
  8. You find them in Travel Layout.
  9. To find out more, check out the report.
  10. However, we do not find a significant impact on the export prices varying across the labor-intensity of the firms.
  11. Throughout the nursery you will find ” call for service ” signs.
  12. Within and outside work people find their lives shaped by this relationship which creates much of the inequality in society.
  13. To find the active constituents for controlling Anolophola glabripennis(Motsch) in the Tilia mongolica, the research for the chemical constituents of Tilia mongolica leaves has been developed.
  14. Teachers find that the children become unteachable – those in the lower classes have to be fed sedatives to calm them down.
  15. Many enslaved people would not find out they had been freed until more than two years later.
  16. It’s a fun online community that collects pictures of the worst and most unfortunate haircuts it can find.
  17. You might call the cuisine “bourgeoise”, as you can always find potage St-Germain (pea soup) and my favorite, fish soup served with rouille (garlic mayonnaise).
  18. Maybe Taria couldn’t find him in the shadows amongst the throng.
  19. Why did I have to find out this way?
  20. He turned to walk away from the terminal hoping to find a bottomless pit to swallow him up.

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