Finally in a sentence

Use finally in a sentence. Sentence for finally. How to use the word finally in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word finally. How to use “finally” with example sentences.

Definition of finally

Examples of finally in a sentence

*** He progressed from trade union official to local mayor, Liberal candidate and election agent, and finally in 1903 to Labour M. P. from Durham.

*** Finally, a customized tailor-made garment system in a company is int …

*** Finally, sentimental observers consider that job satisfaction is sufficient compensation for the lack of material rewards.

*** Finally the belt is hooked on the Doom Diver Catapult and it prepares for a sudden acceleration.

*** They finally straggled into Astoria in 1812 after great hardships, which are described in Washington Irving’s Astoria (1836).

*** This crystal was finally picked up by geologists, who could not classify it.

*** The financial strains of the Dutch war finally induced the Spanish to propose an armistice, and Spinola and Maurice concluded a 12-year truce in 1609.

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