Use Final in a Sentence, How to use “Final” in a sentence


Use Final in a sentence. How to use the word Final in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Final. Sentence for Final.

Final in a Sentence


Examples of final in a sentence

  1. A final method of contacting Members’ at their personal e-mail address occurs when a Member chooses to provide that address on his or her Profile.
  2. The exam leading to the Certificate is accredited as a specific module of the new Final Diploma of the Institute.
  3. Cemal SAĞLAM is the author par excellence; like Fellini, Hitchcock and Allen, his vision permeates all aspects of the final product and his style is unmistakable.
  4. Even if it is a cartridge change, it can also affect the final output.
  5. Stoke striker Wayne Biggins faced Halsall after the final whistle and the police were forced to intervene.
  6. the crazy logic had reached the final apogee of the absurd, or perhaps not at all.
  7. His disappointment at the World Championships provided the impetus needed to give everything for this final race.
  8. And wait for the minutes to pass until the final whistle.
  9. Barcelona Lassa will try to give tonight one more step towards the full titles, in a final phase of the King’s Cup handball in which Xavi Pascual start as top and only favorites.
  10. The Barcelona Lassa will try to give from tomorrow, Friday, in Alicante one more step towards the full titles, in a final phase of the Copa del Rey handball, in which those of Xavi Pascual start as maximum and only favorites.
  11. But the Catalans have not only shown intractable in domestic competitions, but also in Europe, where Barcelona, which will seek to seal their ticket for the final phase of the Champions League against French Nantes, have only conceded two defeats.
  12. A bitter fight in which the Bidasoa, which already reached last December the final of the ASOBAL Cup, in which it fell, as opposed to Barcelona, seems to start with a very slight advantage, given the regularity that the Guipuzcoans have shown throughout the season.

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