Use Few in a Sentence, How to use “Few” in a sentence


Use Few in a sentence. How to use the word Few in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Few.

use few in a sentence


Examples of Few in a sentence

  1. *** We can not accept a system. A privileged few can enjoy extreme comfort while doing other jobs.
  2. *** While the syntax of continental Celtic, or Gaulish, does not seem much different from that of the other Indo-European languages, as far as we are able to judge from the few inscriptions, the general character of insular Celtic seems completely different.
  3. *** If you need a change, you should go away for a few days.
  4. *** But only a few phosphor recipes give a white light comparable to natural daylight or a warmer yellower light like that of a tungsten-filament lamp or a hearth fire, which the human eye seems to prefer.
  5. *** A few systems use photoelectric means or else electronically amplify vibrating reeds.
  6. *** Power levels range from a few hundred watts for attitude control systems for satellites to kilowatts or even megawatts for the main propulsion system of a planetary spacecraft.
  7. *** Thrust forces developed by electric propulsion engines range from millinewtons to a few hundred newtons.
  8. *** This service provides capacity for lighting and a few small appliances.
  9. *** Many kinds of wiring are permissible under the National Electric Code, but comparatively few are used in home wiring.
  10. *** A few days later Donald travelled down to London.
  11. *** Write catchy melodies with splendid pop hooks and huge slices of melody. The rough edges are few and far between.
  12. *** The road dissolved into stained and dark purples, vanishing completely after a few meters.
  13. *** He was offering her a few days of physical pleasure that would only leave her thirsting for more.
  14. *** In a few words, we accept your offer or bankrupt.
  15. *** As a result, despite its enduring importance, the ontological argument has led few people to theism.
  16. *** The solemn atmosphere of the temple made me want to sit down for a few seconds and contemplate life in general.
  17. *** Nonetheless, proximity is not necessarily the crucial factor, for a distance of only a few miles may separate tribes whose cultures only vaguely resemble each other.
  18. *** Most members of the congregation start arriving a few minutes before services.

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