Use Fever in a Sentence, How to use “Fever” in a sentence


Use Fever in a sentence. How to use the word Fever in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Fever. Sentence for Fever.

Use Fever in a Sentence - How to use "Fever" in a sentence

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Examples of Fever in a sentence

  1. I have had a slight fever since this morning.
  2. You will fret yourself into a fever.
  3. I fell ill of fever in Ireland, and she nursed me.
  4. In very severe cases there may be general discomfort, headache, chills, fever, and even shock.
  5. I pressed my hand on his forehead under the vivid hair; but there was no hint of fever.
  6. Then he found that I had a fever, and he was much distressed.
  7. The fever to advance more and more dates has become the modus operandi of the large consumer sector, so that increasingly Christmas campaigns start weeks before normal.
  8. If we don’t,” he said, “we’ll be soaked through and through with the cold mist, and in another hour some of us will be shaking with the chills and fever.
  9. After day or two of fever, headache and weakness, patient begins to develop such symptoms as:
  10. There is nothing that takes the fever out of one so quickly as a fight; and in the army I had never met a hint of this concentrated, vitriolic bitterness towards the enemy.
  11. When I look back now I can see it all as a part of the general disorganization—of the fever, the malnutrition, the complete demoralization of panic.
  12. Since then I have wondered how much they sincerely believed—how much was simply the hallucination of fever, of desperation?
  13. Her burning skin and an uneasiness throughout her entire frame warned him that she had a fever.
  14. For a time the stimulation of sunshine and hope, the sure prospect of _my release from this prison, worked miracles with his strength, both of body and mind; but three days ago he grew silent and moody, then restless and anxious; by night he was down with a fever, the cause of which I cannot understand.


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