Use Fertile in a Sentence, How to use “Fertile” in a sentence


Use Fertile in a sentence. How to use the word Fertile in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Fertile. Sentence for Fertile.

Use Fertile in a Sentence - How to use "Fertile" in a sentence

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Examples of Fertile in a sentence

  1. Colonialism is an especially fertile ground for nationalist ideas.
  2. Day lilies thrive in any well-drained fertile soil in the sun or in semishade.
  3. In front, and somewhat below, there were extended plains of fertile land.
  4. Only the terraces of the valley of the Cabul, which flows down into the Indus, allow a convenient exit towards the north, and present a soil to a great extent so fertile that three harvests can be reaped in the year.
  5. The edge on the south allows no streams of any size to flow to the sea, so that even to this day this coast presents only a few small fertile spots.
  6. The lagunes of the coast are succeeded by marsh forests; higher up are fields of rice and plantations of sugarcane, and beyond these fertile meadows, above which splendid forests of oaks, planes, and elms clothe the heights of Elburz.
  7. On the eastern spur of this mountain wall, in a fertile plain, six leagues long and four leagues broad, lay Ecbatana, Old Persian _Hangmatana, i.e._ place of assembly, the Achmeta of the Hebrews.
  8. This was at that time, as it is now, a large commercial city, being one of the chief ports on the Baltic for the exportation of grain from Poland and other fertile countries in the interior.
  9. All the country near, however, at this end of the lake, is gently undulating, and it is extremely fertile and beautiful.
  10. After emerging from this narrow pass, the road comes out into an open country, which is as fertile and beautiful, and as richly adorned with hamlets, villas, parks, gardens, and smiling fields of corn and grain, as any country in the world.
  11. There was a broad and very fertile slope of land extending for several miles down to the shore of the lake.


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