Use Fellow in a Sentence, How to use “Fellow” in a sentence


Use Fellow in a sentence. How to use the word Fellow in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Fellow. Sentence for Fellow.

Fellow in a Sentence


Examples of Fellow in a sentence

  1. He was educated at Owens College, Manchester, and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was a fellow and an assistant tutor from 1872 to 1875.
  2. After his retirement in 1920 he served as a lecturer at Cambridge, where he was an honorary fellow.
  3. Elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1884, he received its Royal Medal in 1902 and its Copley Medal in 1923.
  4. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1910 and was Sadleirian professor of pure mathematics at Cambridge from 1931 to 1942.
  5. His denunciation of Stalin exposed the credulity of fellow travelers.
  6. The Christians of the upper class were indistinguishable from their fellow pagans in their lifestyle.
  7. He is copying to oblige a little fellow whom he scarcely knows, and is trying to make his copy handsome, so as to give him pleasure.
  8. He went along a little way, and he met a vulgar fellow, riding in a carriage.
  9. We live too rapidly in these days to want to depend on a river, even on a placid old fellow like the Donald.
  10. But before I had time to look long, the door was opened by a man in a suit of Confederate gray, like his fellow at the drawbridge.
  11. What dreadful struggles man will make to gain the pleasure of ruling his fellow man!
  12. In American higher education, a residential fellow usually refers to a paid administrator who supervises a given “area” of a campus residential system.
  13. Judge candidates give fellow Kitsap attorneys their pitch.
  14. His fellow citizens, however, observed those qualities of mind in him which they were accustomed to admire, and made him consul.
  15. We take no notice of the nineteen cases when the little fellow did right, but come and box his ears in the one case when he does wrong.
  16. Maybe it’s a fellow camper that you’ve lost touch with but you live in the same city, or a high school classmate you haven’t seen in forever.

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