Use Faith in a Sentence, How to use “Faith” in a sentence


Use Faith in a sentence. How to use the word Faith in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Faith. Sentence for Faith.

Use Faith in a Sentence - How to use "Faith" in a sentence

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Examples of Faith in a sentence

  1. The Catholic Church preserves an essential unity of faith, but simultaneously fosters a variety of cultural and historical expressions of the Christian life.
  2. The Sacred Congregation for the Teaching of the Faith safeguards and promotes the teaching of faith and morals in the whole Catholic world.
  3. A test of faith in school when he was seven years old; an aerial photograph of the tops of the mountains under heavy snowfall.
  4. And they know they have no escape from Allah. Everything they experience is a test of their faith.
  5. For the next four years he dealt mainly with writings in which he attacked the enemies of the faith.
  6. I have absolute faith in his judgment.
  7. I can present Aaron, a convert from another faith, a deaf-mute, who can only communicate in sign language.
  8. Faith and credulity, vision and deception can only be distinguished on the condition that in the case studies the question of ontology be kept alive.
  9. Doubt is a question mark; Faith is an exclamation mark.
  10. But the person with sufficient reason for his faith can avoid the otherwise powerful tow towards nonsense and absurdity.
  11. And Christmas comes once again, that’s right, without failing, like the sun that rises every morning, the tradition of the manger permeates with joy the atmosphere inspired by the faith of Catholics who see in the birth of Jesus the hope.
  12. What I mean is to have faith.
  13. A full expression of the Christian faith would go far in advance of all here presented.
  14. These ceremonies became at last so firmly established among the religious observances of the inhabitants of Latium, that they descended from generation to generation, and in subsequent years exercised great influence, in modeling the religious faith and worship of the Roman people.

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