Use Fair in a Sentence, How to use “Fair” in a sentence


Use Fair in a sentence. How to use the word Fair in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Fair. Sentence for Fair.

Use Fair in a Sentence - How to use "Fair" in a sentence


Examples of fair in a sentence

  1. It is not fair to attack one’s relatives.
  2. The fight for fair incomes just took a step forward.
  3. The fair sayings of the fire-priests are the way of Vohumano.
  4. Then was he fair in his greatness, in the length of his branches.
  5. He is healthy, has worthy children, and is fair to look upon.
  6. The maternal court decided that a fair equivalent for this pear was a week of desserts.
  7. A very fair experiment of this kind was made some years since at the Gardiner Lyceum, in Maine.
  8. The above may be considered as a fair specimen of the ordinary operation of such an exercise.
  9. Do you think that these written excuses are, after all, a fair test of the real reasons for tardiness?
  10. He ought to have a fair opportunity when the offer is once made to him, to consider it and decide understandingly, whether he would accept it or not.
  11. I (Jehovah) have made him fair by the multitude of his branches, and all the trees of Eden envied him.
  12. The only footing for comradeship is fair dealing.
  13. She was a very sweet-looking woman then—not exactly pretty, but fair and slight, with the loveliest smile, I think, I have ever seen.
  14. Most cheering to the host was the fair progress that his patient made.
  15. “Woman,” he cried, “whether it be murder or justice, your death would remove an infamous stain from the face of this fair world.
  16. It was the face of a girl of twenty, fair and strong, yet sad.
  17. I hold that I am not without a fair share of imagination; and easily I builded a fine romance for myself.

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