Use Failed in a Sentence, How to use “Failed” in a sentence


Use Failed in a sentence. How to use the word Failed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Failed. Sentence for Failed.

Use Failed in a Sentence - How to use "Failed" in a sentence

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Examples of failed in a sentence

  1. Unfortunately, Panono failed in its plans.
  2. The escape failed when prison guards opened fire.
  3. Medical treatment failed to relieve her suffering.
  4. As might have been expected, the teacher failed.
  5. The concert failed when greed for Ottoman spoils prevailed over the ideal of cooperation.
  6. He failed to navigate the Snake, however, and the party split up into several groups.
  7. The installation possibly failed due an outdated recovery.
  8. They were often, very often, enjoined to be conscientious and faithful, but, as might have been anticipated, the experiment failed.
  9. Converse to the Goldman example of punishing profits, there is an assumption that heads of failed Wall Street banks should stand trial for their failures.
  10. His first Broadway-produced play, The Man Who Had All the Luck, failed in 1944, but his second, All My Sons (1947), received the Drama Critics’ Circle Award and had a long run.
  11. His streak ended on February 25 against Atlanta in a contest in which he failed the ten triples he tried, staying at 28 points.
  12. Importantly some of those in positions of responsibility failed to intervene and consequently become part of the negative culture.
  13. All the attempts, however, which have been made to ascertain the origin of the system, have wholly failed, and no account of them goes farther back than to the time when Cadmus brought them from Phenicia or Egypt into Greece.
  14. When the machine failed to stick a label to a box, it ended up on one of the unguarded rollers.
  15. There were places in his story where it seemed to me that he got historical data a little mixed—or it may be that his memory failed him.
  16. She never complained of the cruel hardness of the bed, and never failed to express her gratitude for the slight shiftings of position that he deemed it safe to give her.


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