Use Fabulous in a Sentence, How to use “Fabulous” in a sentence


Use Fabulous in a sentence. How to use the word Fabulous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Fabulous. Sentence for Fabulous.

Use Fabulous in a Sentence - How to use "Fabulous" in a sentence

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Examples of Fabulous in a sentence

  1. They paid a lot of money for the house but it is fabulous.
  2. I made a fabulous plan for my boyfriend’s birthday.
  3. However, it’s fabulous, it’s not all you crave of your homeland.
  4. But we can allow some poetic license because what the film does well: fabulous shots of the city as we know it, covering the picturesque landmarks.
  5. Here the particular qualities of the soil and the exposure confer a fabulous, spicy and floral aroma to the wines, especially the Rieslings.
  6. To make this fabulous little cocktail, I used my new toy, The Keurig Vue® Brewing System.
  7. Kathy seems to have found the middle ground between being fabulous and remaining frugal.
  8. What the Greeks tell us of the swiftness and dangerous nature of these animals is fabulous.
  9. Whether seeking towering structures in the city centre or fabulous wine country escapes, 2020 promises an impressive real estate roster.
  10. The stories connected with the earliest discovery and settlement of Great Britain afford very good illustrations of the nature of these fabulous tales.
  11. The photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki was in charge of photographing these fabulous cats while doing their combat practices.
  12. The dream and hope of the lifetime of every trapper is to some day catch a freak, black or silver grey fox; the skin of which commands a fabulous price.
  13. An eccentric middle-aged woman of fabulous wealth, lavish generosity, and no common sense whatsoever, will receive into her ‘lovely Southern Home’ one stingy receiver.
  14. After all, there is no better way to get loved ones all together, to catch up with everyone and to all getting into the fabulous festive spirit.
  15. I wish you a fabulous 2023 full of great achievements and experiences.

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