Use Eyes in a Sentence, How to use “Eyes” in a sentence


Use Eyes in a sentence. How to use the word Eyes in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Eyes.

Use Eyes in a Sentence - How to use "Eyes" in a sentence


Examples of Eyes in a sentence

  1. She shuddered to feel so many blind eyes digging into her.
  2. He really should have had an accountant to act as a buffer and filter all monetary matters through his skeptical eyes.
  3. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, which begins, “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun,” is almost a satiric catalog of Petrarchan conventions.
  4. These rocks were also agitated with new species of shrimp without eyes, white crabs, translucent sea anemones and large pink fish.
  5. A few strange smells: the whirlpool, the nausea and even the discomfort of the eyes.
  6. She used a dropper to administer medication to the eyes.
  7. His eyes were strangely convincing.
  8. But it was his eyes that were most convincing.
  9. So, if what Socrates means by invisibility is the first notion: you can not see with your eyes, then the argument is not good, harmony is a very convincing counterexample.
  10. His eyes were his best feature, broad and convincing.
  11. Methods We studied 41 normal volunteers (82 eyes) and 179 cases (253 eyes) of epiphora with digital subtraction dracriocistography and images of the lacrimal drainage system.
  12. Lying with closed eyes, the Venerable Master Kao dozed, snoring lightly.
  13. Physical traits such as hair color and type, pigmentation of the skin, and color of the eyes are inherited.
  14. The bear suddenly stopped eating and looked at the gentleman, with his small eyes and little pigs reddened with hatred.
  15. It has a slightly broad head with dark brown eyes, a black nose, and long ears that hang down close to the sides of the head.
  16. In hunting, the peculiar high position of the animal’s eyes enables it to peer over the edge of rocks with the least possible exposure of itself.
  17. Its long ears are set close to the head, and its large hazel or brown eyes are wide apart.

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